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About Our School

Welcome to Sunshine Kids Academy!


Sunshine Kids Academy is an international preschool that provides a first rate curriculum in a warm and loving, home-like learning environment. The school has two locations that can easily accommodate families that live throughout the area. Our Tsukiji campus in Tokyo was established in 2014 and the Shin-Urayasu campus opened in 2021.

Well-designed classrooms feature a variety of rich learning centers for children to work and learn both independently and in groups. Our low student-teacher ratio ensures optimal attention and learning opportunity for each child. Every child is supported to feel secure, comfortable, and confident in his or her social interactions.​

The academic year starts in September and ends in June. We provide a variety of year-round academic programs for ages 0 months to 12 years old. These programs include toddler care, preschool, kindergarten, afterschool, extended care, and seasonal schools. 

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Our Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission & Philosophy

At Sunshine Kids Academy, we believe that children learn best when engaged in fun and challenging activities that help them discover new skills. We are committed to providing an environment that will foster a love for learning. Through planned activities, dance, crafts, and many other engaging activities, students will develop the necessary skills to have a successful life in school and beyond.

Our goal is to teach responsibility, not obedience. Students are equipped with skills that enable them to make smart decisions, differentiate between right and wrong, and understand how their behavior affects others.

Our educational philosophy is based on the principle that all children are naturally curious and motivated to discover new things. By adopting a variety of educational methods, students can learn comfortably at their own pace.

We Are Committed To

 Encouraging our students to think freely and to express themselves openly.
Maintaining a low student to teacher ratio in order to optimize learning and cultivate relationships with each child.
Guiding young learners to respect the emotions and inclusion of their peers and to develop strong self-awareness.
Providing a curriculum that embraces diversity and recognition of gender, age, race, religion, ability and disability.

What Makes Us Unique?

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❶ Fun, loving, and safe environment.
 Creative tools and resources to provide the best environment for learning.
❸ Comprehensive but flexible curriculum at each class level.
 Intercultural activities to understand and respect different cultures.
 Well-balanced, healthy lunch program.
 Communication through newsletters, updates and messaging via mobile apps.
  High level of professionalism and care.
  Staff development opportunities for the teachers.
❾  Staff members experienced with first aid training and CPR certified

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Afterschool & Other Activities 

Our Staff

The Quality of Care & Education Our Students Receive from Passionate SUNSHINE KIDS ACADEMY Educators is Unparalleled. Each of Our Teachers is Selectively Chosen to Make Early Child Development Their Top Priority!


At Sunshine Kids Academy, every teacher works as a lead teacher in their classroom, which means they all must have, at minimum, a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education or related fields. In addition, our administrators ALL began at Sunshine Kids Academy as teachers & are gradually progressed to become assistant administrators, administrators, and/or other management team coordinators/members. Their knowledge & understanding of our early years of child development programs are the stages of building blocks for our school's most successful, loving & nurturing environment and its foundation. We celebrate and encourage our faculty to continue growing and exploring within Sunshine Kids Academy Inc.

Our faculty and staff are continually First Aid and CPR certified with a full understanding of Anaphylaxis and other child safety areas. We value diversity and inclusion in our work culture. We are proud that our team brings many different ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, and numerous unique sets of talents that enrich our students in an international and diverse atmosphere.

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Yearly Childcare Safety Plan
Tokyo & Shin-Urayasu

Yearly Childcare Safety Plan
Tokyo & Shin-Urayasu

 Questions & Inquiries: Please contact us for further questions or inquiries. Thank you!

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