Curriculum & Enrichment Programs


The programs offered at Sunshine Kids Academy are year-long and comprehensive. With certified teachers from different teaching backgrounds (e.g. Montessori, Special Education, etc.), students at Sunshine Kids Academy receive the care they need, the creative learning experiences they enjoy and the intellectually challenging opportunities they deserve. 

Our curriculum builds upon the individual strengths and talents in our young learners. The curriculum supports the development of eight domains:
& Literacy
Math & Reasoning
& Sensory 
Fine & Gross Motor
Fine & Gross Motor.png
Social & Emotional
& Fitness
Health & Fintness.png
Creative Development
Second Language Acquisition

Activities, projects and extended learning opportunities invite students to explore their own curiosities and apply multiple skills across the disciplines. We use a thematic approach to help students make real-world connections between prior and new knowledge. Our students learn about their families, their diverse community and their natural environment, all while developing an understanding of how they themselves fit this big, beautiful world.


Enrichment Programs


At Sunshine Kids Academy, we believe in educating the whole child. We go beyond teaching the traditional subjects and expose our students to a variety of enrichment opportunities.  While many schools charge extra fees for these lessons, SKA has included the following enrichment courses as part of our regular school offering.

Classical Ballet

At Sunshine Kids Academy, we believe that dance is not only fun but a key component in educating the whole child. It helps young learners to become well rounded, self confident human beings by encouraging creativity and teaching coordination, which leads to healthy hearts, happy faces and flexible bodies. Our Rainbow and Super Stars classes attend lessons weekly. The lessons foster a nurturing environment that enables each student to learn new skills and form a lifelong love of ballet and the performing arts.

Japanese Language

We recognize that preschool years are vital, especially in terms of language development. Children are naturally designed to absorb languages introduced to them during their first three years of life. Each week, our experienced native or native level educators teach basic Japanese to all of our students. Students are taught listening and speaking skills through the study of daily vocabulary and practicing reading and writing hiragana and katakana letters. Our fantastic teachers make language learning fun by incorporating songs, games and art projects to

engage our young learners.

Music and Movement

The music and movement lessons for our preschoolers combine a child’s natural love of songs, movement and imaginative play with age-appropriate activities that introduce early music concepts. Thoughtfully sequenced lessons include an array of learning opportunities and are designed to boost our students’ independence, social-emotional skills, early language development and self-control. During each lesson, our students sing, listen, experiment, play and dance.