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Halloween 2022

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

For 2022, SKA celebrated its Halloween Spooktacular Event at Furuishiba Cultural Center. On the afternoon of October 21st, our Mummies and the teachers greeted parents and our students all dressed in their best outfits. Some costumes were Super Mario, Snow White, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Minions or classic witches and vampires; some tried a touch of originality as Minecraft characters, Pokémon trainers or Dalmatians.

From there, each class gave a special performance and participated in a costume contest. Dew Drops & Tinker Tots class were engaged in the most original costume contest; Rainbow class displayed their most colorful costumes. On the other hand, the Super Stars class were asked to wear their funniest ones, and the Kindergarten class joined in as the spookiest ones.

Following the contest, an Afternoon Tea Party was held, allowing parents and teachers to chat and interact while the children had fun watching “Hotel Transylvania” with their friends.

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