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Mother Farm 2023

Our Sunshine Kids Academy families had a great and fun-filled trip to Mother Farm on Friday, April 14th, 2023.

It is a great opportunity for our students to have an outdoor-based learning whilst enjoying the nature, which aligns with one of our thematic theme this month of Plants & Gardening.

The students did not only learn and greet the farm animals. They also learned about how the farm animals live and the goods that the farm animals produce can bring to the community.

One of the examples can be seen from the Sheep Show that was viewed by our students and our parents where the students learnt that the wool of the lamb is a great warm material for the blankets at home or jackets that we wear in the winter.

Students also enjoyed and had a wonderful experience of milking the cows. The students also learnt at how the milk from the cows can be consumed not only as milk, but also from different varieties such as cheese, ice cream, to even other dairy products goods.

It was a wonderful day to spent with our families.

We can’t wait to have another wonderful field trip.

See you in the next event.

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