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Sports Day 2023

Our Sports Day is a great bonding time for our Sunshine Kids Academy families to bring the community together.

It is also the last Sports Day and the last event for some of our Kindergarten students who will be graduating and leaving the Sunshine Kids Academy nest on March.

The Sports Day event was held on February 17th, 2023 at Indoor Gymnastics of Ariake Sports Center. The students also got the chance to play various activities that helped to strengthen their bodies, alongside developing a positive wellbeing.

Alongside the anticipated Tug-O-War and Relay races, the students also played a fun new game called “Shoer Fun” where they played to find their own shoe and their teammates amongst other people’s shoes.

At the end of the day, the winner amongst the four teams is the Peacock team.

Congratulations to the Blue Peacocks team in celebrating their win.

They did a great job in displaying their resilience and sportivity.

See you next year for another Sports Day fun!

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