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Summer School 2022

This summer, our students were invited on a round-the-world trip in a combination of outdoor tours and indoor activities, not to mention some splashy fun in SKA’s pool. As the main topic of this seasonal school, world cultures were a great chance for kids to discover more about countries and their specifics under the guidance of their teachers. In that way, outdoors mostly consisted of small trips and activities, regarding the proximity of some sites and their availabilities. For example, the Shin-Urayasu campus students once went to pay a visit to various embassy offices in Tokyo.

When the weather was too hot for park time or outdoors, the students spent their time at the splash parks where they could enjoy small pools and fountains.

Among the indoor activities, the students also made crafts and performed a play titled “Olaf’s Summer”. In addition, they also enjoyed learning about their teachers’ native countries, especially through cooking and tasting sessions, like crêpes from France.

You can also check out our summer school page here.

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