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Mommy & Me

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Suggested Ages

3 - 12 months

Sunshine’s Mommy and Me class teaches English to moms and babies in a fun, safe, and stimulating environment. This 45 minute class offers the opportunity to introduce your baby to sensory play, exploration and song. See your child grow with other toddlers and connect with other moms in Sunshine’s Mommy and Me class!


This class is ideal for mothers who want to expose their babies to English at an early age. We highly encourage mothers who have little or no background in English to join. Learning the songs and chants provide a foundation to reinforce English at home. 

Activities are designed to allow toddlers to recognize the sound and patterns of English through song and dance. Attending classes with other babies, and even other unfamiliar faces, can help get an infant comfortable with the outside world. This twice-a-week class also serves as an opportunity to prepare their child for an easier entry into preschool life and other group activities.

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Program Features

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Schedule & Fees

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